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Online application for scholarship has been started on 10.05.2022 for 2022-23 Session.

Please apply on the National Scholarship Portal ( ) for Pre-Matric or Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme only for SC Students first for getting unique ID (For details you may see here) , After getting a unique Id from the National scholarship portal, students are requested to apply in this OASIS Portal. All subsequent activities on their application will be effective on and from the state OASIS portal.

As per new guidelines by Govt of India, 40% of total eligible amount will be disbursed for the first Phase. The Remaining 60% of the total eligible amount will be disbursed in due course. (For Pre Matric and Post Matric SC Students).

ST students of West Bengal desiring to apply for Pre-Matric and Post-Matric Scholarships for the fiscal 2022-23 can apply on this portal.


Mamata Banerjee

Hon'ble Chief Minister

Government of West Bengal


Online Application for Scholarship to SC, ST and OBC Students in West Bengal has been started. Let's take a look for Academic year 2022-2023



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